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About Shambani Garlic

Shambani Garlic comes to you fresh from our picturesque farm nestled amongst river red gums in Junortoun, central Victoria. We are a husband and wife team dedicated to providing our customers with a fresh and natural product that is free from harsh chemicals.

The climate in north central Victoria is perfectly suited to growing garlic with its cool nights and an abundance of sunshine. Our garlic is grown naturally without chemical pesticides, instead we use sustainable seaweed and fish products along with horse and chicken manures. All our garlic is lovingly planted, mulched, weeded and harvested by hand.

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Garlic is a seasonal product which grows from April to December each year. Once the garlic is harvested it is hung up to dry, this is called the curing process which takes approximately 3-4 weeks. When the garlic is cured it is then ready for sale.

Garlic not only tastes sensational, it’s also very good for you. Garlic contains a sulphur compound called Allicin which has potent medicinal qualities and can assist in the treatment and prevention of cancer and heart problems. It can also help to lower cholesterol and blood pressure, and because it contains Vitamins B6 and C it can boost your immune system. It is best to crush garlic before cooking to release the Allicin or you can eat it raw if you are game.

We thoroughly enjoy growing garlic and hope that you will thoroughly enjoy eating it!

- Hamish & Lindy

Our Garlic

Shambani Garlic is lovingly planted, mulched, weeded and harvested by hand.

Shambani Purple

This popular cultivar produces medium to large bulbs and has a mild heat and fresh full flavour, the perfect all-round garlic. Attractive bulbs are thickly wrapped in a purple striped skin and the creamy white cloves make the sweetest roasted garlic.

Rose du Var

This hardneck cultivar is a favourite amongst chefs due to the easy to peel cloves and bold flavour. The creamy white cloves are wrapped in a rose blushed skin and the bulbs are usually white with a purple tinge.

White Printanor

This cultivar originates from France and is a mild tasting garlic. The creamy white cloves are wrapped in a honey tinged white skin and bulb wrappers tend to be thick, luxuriant and parchment-like. This variety is high in Allicin content which helps to lower your cholesterol, boost your immune system and improve your circulation.

What they say

  • “Last year I purchased bags full of this garlic, it lasted ages and is so good. Locally grown in Bendigo.„

    Samantha Hamilton, Bendigo Body & Soul.

  • “Garlic never tasted so good and so fresh, I love that it is grown naturally without harsh chemicals so you know it's good for you„

    Paul Crouch, Alexandra VIC.

  • “I love using Shambani Garlic in everything I cook, I even eat it raw when I feel a cold coming on, works every time„

    Danielle Tooley, Vitality & You, Chadstone VIC.

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Shambani Purple Bulbs

Our hard-neck garlic has purple & white bulbs with medium to large sized cloves. Flavour is fresh and usually strong with a mild heat, the perfect all-round garlic.

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